Fr. Steven Payne.

What a joy to welcome you all to Tangaza for a new year of growth and development, and most particularly to welcome the First Years to the Tangaza community of learning. Karibuni Sana! It is even more significant that you are welcomed for the year of the Silver Jubilee of Tangaza. Twenty Five years ago our esteemed college opened its doors for the first group of 25 students, and what a surprising period of growth in the intervening years. We thank the Lord of the Harvest! And yet the vision has not changed, but matured. Tangaza, as the Kiswahili word suggests, is about proclamation: proclamation of the values of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Tangaza aspires to provide all the training and skills required for these values to be proclaimed to the limits of God’s horizon, which has no limits at all. Our School of Theology and all our Institutes are directedtowards this noble purpose: to train agents of social and religious transformation. The values we aspire to proclaim are about Christian community, a community modeled on the divine community of the Holy Trinity. Before we can credibly proclaim such a community, we must create such a community among ourselves: a community of learning and fellowship. Thus we aspire to create a community at Tangaza which transcends all artificial boundaries of race, religion, gender, class, ethnicity and clerical status. We aspire to a community of learning where excellence is appreciated and sought after, where leadership is exercised in a spirit of service not arrogant domination, where everyone’s talents are affirmed and used for the common good. The degree to which we succeed in this is the degree to which we can credibly proclaim the values of the gospel: Tangaza Fumbo la Imani. As we celebrate our Silver Jubilee, we give thanks to God and to our predecessors for what we have inherited in Tangaza, and pray that we can add to the reservoir of excellence to be passed on to future generations of Tangaza students. May the coming year be a year of blessing, peace, generosity and academic excellence.

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