Dr. Beatrice Churu

At the dawning of a new century, and in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, the people of Tangaza recognize that they themselves are sent to participate in the renewal and development of a rich tradition of excellence in education, set by the Christian and African traditional heritages. The academic thrust of Tangaza College fits into its overall vision whose principal elements are: To progressively develop our educational programmes and research capacity, by cultivating a corresponding infrastructure and culture; and in that process to promote the integration of the various programmes and institutes that presently constitute the college To contribute to the formation of agents of reconciliation, peace, and justice, persons whose consciousness is global and whose conscience is given to the transformation of society, and that bear fruit in research and its dissemination, through various kinds of publications; undergraduate and graduate educational programmes and outreach activities. To promote dialogue between theology and the human sciences, through reflection that has ministry as its objective To meet the challenge of engaging in practical ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue through the curricula across the board. To develop in members the adoption of an attitude of study which itself is a life-long ministry • To honor cultural diversity as a core institutional value, while cultivating in concert the pioneering spirit that has characterized Tangaza from its inception. To develop further our mission of new evangelization which requires constant attention to the demand that religious values be inculturated in African ecclesial and civil society. To this end, all parts of the College devote themselves to the present needs of the Church in Africa, while looking toward the future building of a world where peace prevails through truth, justice, and love. The realities of the continent of Africa continue to be the field in which many of our student and faculty are called to labour. In this endeavor, the importance of collaboration with other sectors and other fields of academia is a key value for the College. We dare to dream of a different kind of a world, where justice and peace and the prosperity of all can be hallmarks. We invest ourselves in seeking together with our collaborators, for ways that can make this kind of world a reality.

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