Mr Ngure

Welcome to Tangaza College. The office of the Registrar serves as a support unit to all of the schools, institutes and departments of the college in a consistent, accessible, and friendly manner. The primary duty of this office is to keep systematic records on all matters academic for both students and staff. While the office is primarily concerned with the academic, it also serves as a point of information collection, transformation and distribution for the various institutes and departments of Tangaza College. The responsibilities of this office include:

  • Secure and confidential academic records storage.
  • Ensuring that the registration process is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • Grade collection, recording and distribution.
  • Provide academic advisory services to students.
  • Coordinate admissions and enrollment in the college.
  • Providing quick, accurate, and personalized action on requests for transcripts, letters of certification, and verification, and other appropriate requests for information;
  • Evaluating degree and diploma requirements for graduation candidates
  • Coordinating the graduation applications, attendance and ordering and distributing diplomas and degrees.
  • Regularization of International students Immigration status by obtaining Kenya Pupil’s Passes on their behalf.
  • Being a reference office as regards college policies-and-practices in matters academic, especially those actions that are unclear in wording or purpose or inconsistent in application as stipulated in the college handbooks.;

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