Mission & Vision

Tangaza College aspires to be a community of learning and holistic human formation directed towards the promotion of gospel values and academic excellence in a multi-cultural context. Our community is committed to ministerial education to produce agents of Evangelization and social transformation with a special interest in outreach towards the integrity of creation and a wider human horizon. As a consequence we aspire to transcend all artificial boundaries of race, religion, gender, class and ethnicity to be consistent with the Divine Vision for the human family.

TUC provides holistic formation programmes to prepare servant leaders to transform the church and society. Tangaza is committed to providing an all-round quality education in an environment which promotes excellence in teaching and learning, research and scholarship as well as ethical and integral development.

Our Values
  1. The personal and holistic development of the students
  2. Preferential option for the poor
  3. Integrity
  4. Justice and peace
  5. Respect for human dignity and sanctity of human life
  6. Freedom and responsibility
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