We are pleased to inform you that qualified applicants who wish to pursue BA in Social Communication can now apply for MISSIO scholarships.


  1. Beneficiaries will be men and women who are already working for the church or are preparing to work with the church.
  2. Preference will be given to sisters of African local congregations without international links and to lay women
  3. Only those who are qualified to join ISC BA program can apply for MISSIO scholarship and not those for Diploma and Certificate programs.
  4. Eligible candidates must submit their application starting from the first academic semester
  5. Applicants will be required to submit a post study work plan areas where they see themselves working after having completed their studies.
  6. Recommendation or statement of endorsement from their local ordinary, parish priest and other community leaders clarifying their involvement in the local church.
  7. Accepted MISSIO scholars will be evaluated and rescreened annually by the committee based on their academic records and overall performance at ISC. MISSIO scholars will be required to get an academic grade average not lower than 55.
  8. Recipients will be required to do voluntary work for ISC Tangaza or a church from time to time.


  1. Write a letter addressed to the Director, ISC explaining why you should be considered for the scholarship
  2. Attach your admission letter to study BA in Social Communication

NB: Applications can either be sent online to directorisc@tangaza.ac.ke or drop a hard copy to ISC offices.


Application deadline is 23rd July 2018.

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