From the Principal’s Office Monday 19 November, 2018

Welcome to this new week in our life here at Tangaza.  The gospel reading from Sunday’s liturgy reminded us that we should look about us at the fig trees and begin to read the signs, especially the signs of hope. For there are many here in Tangaza University College.


You, the students, are not the only signs of hope. You are signs, for sure.  As I walk the compound and the corridors and witness you in class, and in your movement around the place, I see the respect, which you show to each other and the faculty.  I see students working together in “study groups” preparing assignments and presentations. In conversation with many of you, I hear the stories of the energy you put into your life, and sometimes the struggles.  This encourages me.  I hope it encourages you, too.


I also see the signs of hope in the seriousness of faculty members in their classes, but also in the various meetings, where it is obvious that efforts are made to contribute to the growth of the students as people, and also in the life of the institution as we transit to a Chartered University.  Many people are reflecting on the issues we face and are thinking of solutions, planning for the next steps and implementing their plans.


There are signs of hope in the various activities of Tangaza.

Commencing last Monday was the third module of training for Religious Leaders of the Sisters’ Congregation at Dimesse Centre.  This training, an initiative of the TUC Centre for Leadership and Management, was facilitated by Sr. Agnes, Sr. Loretta and others as a way of building capacity and competency for the Leadership Teams for the Sisters Congregations.  There were 21 graduating sisters who received their certificates in a moving Commitment ceremony last Wednesday. This initiative was supported by the Conrad Hilton Foundation.


From Tuesday until Thursday, Fr. Sahaya Selvam facilitated a Positive Psychology Workshop.  Some 55 people attended this workshop and were trained on a number of aspects of positive psychology, which can assist them in their work for others.

There was discussion on issues such as Authentic Happiness, Character Development and Wellbeing in Daily Life People left the workshop encouraged by their involvement, and talking enthusiastically of their plans for implementation. Congratulations to all involved.


Best wishes,


Br Tom Kearney C.F.C.

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