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  • PhD in Social Transformation
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Programme Description

Social transformation involves a new organization of all social economic, cultural and technological identities involving women, minorities, professionals and communities in order to improve human dignity and social justice. Social transformation means creative strategic influence and collective decision for realisation of human rights. Africa at the present time is setting down the foundations of the future shape of its societies. It is of crucial importance to train professional leadership in the area of governance, economic planning, social policy, mass organizations for the rural and urban poor, and advocacy groups on how to bring about social transformation for sustainable development.

Areas of specialization

Management, security and sustainable peace, sustainable development, governance ministry and social entrepreneurship

Uniqueness of the Programs

  • The only doctoral programs specially tailored on social transformation.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches: Social Sciences, Social entrepreneurship, Ministry, natural sciences and humanities.
  • It integrates theory and action into an organic praxis with the aim of social transformation.

Key Competences

  • Carry out high quality research
  • Facilitate and advocate for transformation
  • Teach in institute of higher learning
  • Disseminate and publish research findings
  • Design relevant models in the areas specialization


3 years

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