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    THE VISION of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education Alumni Association is to be an effective partner in the realization of the goals cherished by Christ the Teacher Institute for Education and its former students (the Alumni); and to be on the lead in promoting active, visible leadership in the community and to foster interaction between alumni and the students of the Institute. 

    THE MISSION of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education Alumni Association is: to mobilize the Alumni and  well-wishers to support the welfare and progress of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education; to participate in the enhancement and improvement of intellectual and material well-being of the Christ the Teacher Institute of Education Community including fostering close friendship and professional relations between fellow alumni and between the Association and the Institute; to safeguard the best interest of its members; and to use the talents and resources of alumni and friends of the Institute to support CTIE in achieving national and international distinction in quality teaching and service.

    The following shall be the objectives of the Christ the Teacher Institute for Education Alumni Association:
    - To develop alumni programs that promotes effective networks amongst its members.
    - To promote the academic, physical, moral and spiritual growth of the members of the Institute.
    - To act as a stimulating body in promoting the development of the Association, advancing the interests and promoting the welfare           of its members.
    - To form chapters of the Alumni within and outside the country so as to reach out to all the members.
    - To contribute to the growth of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education by participating in development projects and marketing         of the institute.
    - To encourage, maintain academic and social traditions unique to Christ the Teacher Institute for Education.
    - To liaise with Alumni Associations of other institutions of higher learning both locally and internationally.
    - To participate in any other worthwhile national and International development activities that will portray the Association and                  marketing CTIE in good light.
    - To enhance the involvement of and CTIEAA and CTIEAA in community service.
    - To make recommendations of those who can play leadership roles at CTIE.
    - To initiate, organize and coordinate fundraising activities for CTIE.
    - To assist CTIE to initiate, organize and sustain programs such as; -
    1. The Outstanding Achievement Award.
    2. The Distinguished Service Award (alumni who has contributed most to the Community/ country).
    3. The Distinguished service Senior Alumna Award (Alumni over 40 years of age who have     remarkable great achievements).
    4. The Distinguished service Youth Alumna Award (Alumni under the age of 40 Years who have great achievements).
    - To project a positive image of the Institute.


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