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Missio, the German branch of the worldwide Pontifical Mission Aid Society, will be granting partial scholarships to full-time Christ the Teacher Institute for Education (CTIE) students. The intent of the Missio Scholarship is to assist students who find tthemselves unable to complete their education at Christ the Teacher Institute for Education because of the financial limitation.
The intent of the CTIE Board of Directors’ Student Scholarship is to assist students who find themselves unable to complete their education at Christ the Teacher Institute for Education because of financial hardship or who might be able to do so only under or with serious financial duress.
This Scholarship is provided literally by friends who believe in the mission of CTIE. Because it is hard to predict how much money will be donated in a given year, the amount of money allocated may vary from year to year. The intent of the Friends of CTIE Student Scholarship is a supplemental reward to assist hard-working students who have financial hardship to continue their studies at CTIE.

CTIE Students qualify to apply for other sources of funding which include
      •    Higher Education Loans Board Fund (HELB Loan)
The Finance Office guides students on how to go about the application
(Please visit HELB Website, www.helb.co.ke for more details)
      •    Constituency Development Funds
Students are encouraged to apply for the CDF to ease the tuition fee coverage.

One Semester Full Scholarship – This is awarded to a needy applicant with the highest KCSE results. This is done once in the First Trimester of the applicant. The student beneficiary does not need to apply for this. It is open to all students.

CTIE has embraced two methods of awarding applicants with good grades. Students do not apply for these subsidies. The Finance Officer gets the information from the Admissions Coordinator through the Director and makes the adjustments.
15% Subsidy
This 15% subsidy of the total First Year, First Semester tuition fees is given to Students with B- (Minus) in their KCSE.
20% Subsidy
This subsidy is given to students with a mean of B (Plain) and above in their KCSE result. The percentage applies to the First Year, First Semester tuition fees.   
Christ the Teacher Institute for Education offers unique chances for individuals to reward themselves. These offers are open to students and friends. For every potential student one introduces to CTIE, he/she earns the following, depending on the program.
Regular Degree & Diploma Programs
One earns Ksh 10,000 or 20% tuition subsidy.
DBIT/ECDE Programs
One earns Ksh 7,500 or 15% tuition fee subsidy.
School Based Program
One earns Ksh 5,000 or 10% tuition subsidy.

Tuition subsidy is for one Trimester only. Only those who bring potential students will be rewarded after the new students have successfully fulfilled their financial obligation for the first trimester they enrolled.


In your classroom, be concerned only about how to fulfil your ministry in all that God requires of you for your disciples and to do all you can to procure for them the Christian spirit
-Saint John Baptist de La Salle



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