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Bro. Paulos    Since its inception in 1992, the mission of CTIE has always been “touching hearts, teaching minds, and transforming lives.” Over the years more than 1000 students have earned Bachelor of Education degrees through the Institute and now they are transforming society as educators and school principals in many parts of the world.
   CTIE’s educational programs keep improving and expanding. In the past recent years, original programs have been revised and many new programs have been developed. At the moment, teaching subjects offered in the Institute include: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Education, Business, Mathematics, English Grammar and Literature, Christian Religious Education, Geography, History, and Kiswahili.
    The Institute is also offering Diploma Programs in Early Child Development Education (ECDE) and Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT). We are also developing Diploma and Degree Programs in Primary education. And now the Institute is also offering Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Administration.
    An anonymous educator wrote, “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches the heart and shapes the future.” In one of his writings, Saint John Baptist De La Salle also says, “[Your students] are a letter that Christ dictates to you, which you write each day in their hearts, not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God.” These two statements demonstrate that teaching is a noble profession as well as a precious vocation. The two statements also summarize the motto of CTIE.
    Education is the key for instilling ethical and moral values into the lives of students; it is the most important means for economic growth and societal transformation; and it is an invaluable medium to build a society that is free from corruption, dictatorship, war, ethnicity, and racism. An educated society is aware of its rights and thus cannot be easily manipulated. It cannot be overemphasized that a holistic and transformative education system offers the answer to many of the social ills that afflict the continent of Africa today.
In Saint De La Salle’s Name,

Brother Paulos, FSC, EdD, PsyD
Director, Christ the Teacher Institute for Education
Associate Dean, School of Education, SMUMN, USA
Associate Professor of Education



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