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  • Apply online today and study with SoE in a serene study environment
  • State of the Art Classrooms fitted with Smart Boards and other modern Learning Equipment
  • A modern and sufficient computer lab. CTIE values ICT development
  • CTIE Bilogy students in action during a class session. Hands-on experience is our priority
  • CTIE alumni during their charity work. At CTIE, we Touch Hearts, Teach Minds & Transform Lives hence our alumni always have the passion to give back to the society
  • SoE class of 2018
  • It is over 25years of pure Touching Hearts, Teaching Minds and Transforming Lives
  • Ladies' sports team. We nurture talents at CTIE
  • Section of KYLA group members during a charity work at Garden of Hope Centre. Giving back to the society is rooted in our students' hearts
  • Men sports team. We nurture talents at CTIE
  • Some of the CTIE students the library. Tangaza University College has modern library system which offers conducive learning space and reference materials for our students
  • CTIE never forget to motivate the students during different Institute's activities
  • A 2018 Valedictorian student
  • Flags for different countries represented at SoE
  • Students displaying trophy won during SoE annual Secondary School symposium at Tangaza University College
  • Congratulations, 2018
  • CTIE never forget to motivate the students during different Institute's activities
  • CTIE class session.
  • A reminder symbol for the class of 2018
  • State of the Art Classrooms fitted with Interactive LCDs and other modern Learning Equipment
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Director's Graduation Message

Picture6Dear Graduands,

I am very delighted, in the names of the administration and educators of Christ the Teacher Institute for Education (CTIE), Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, and Tangaza University College to congratulate each one of you for your significant and wonderful educational achievement.

Four years ago,

a newly enrolled student visited my office to discuss his financial challenges. He said, “Brother, I come from very humble backgrounds. My parents are simple farmers and the means they have to support my education is almost nonexistent. I have nothing to bring here; but I have a very strong desire and determination to pursue my university education.” The words that caught my attention in that conversation were, “strong desire and determination.”

Strong desire and determination, combined with a La Sallian educational tradition of care, understanding and mentorship bore a wonderful fruit: This student is one of the graduands of today. This short story also says more about the strong resolve and determination each one of you, graduands, showed during the last four years. Certainly, this short narration also meaningfully captures the motto of our Institute, “Touching Hearts, Teaching Minds, and Transforming Lives.” Indeed, during your four-year educational journey, your hearts were touched, your minds taught and your lives transformed.

The transformation you have experienced at CTIE should not stop with you; it has to continue. And this will happen only if, I borrow Scott Hayden’s famous quote of developing three loves: “love for learning, love for learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” Education is extremely dynamic; and the students that will be entrusted to your care are very creative and eager to learn. Therefore, your ability to deliver transformative education will greatly depend on your ability to fuel the fire of strong desire and commitment to continue learning.

May God’s Wisdom and Grace accompany you as you go out there to transform lives through education while embracing the CTIE motto of, “Touching Hearts, Teaching Minds and Transforming Lives.”

Live Jesus in Our Hearts: Forever!

Brother Paulos W. Mesmer, EdD, PsyD

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