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  • CTIE never forget to motivate the students during different Institute's activities
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  • State of the Art Classrooms fitted with Interactive LCDs and other modern Learning Equipment
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Picture3Michel Tolojanahary, FSC Class of 2008

Having attended a Lasallian secondary school in Antananarivo, Madagascar, Michel entered the postulancy in 2001 and completed his novitiate in June of 2004. From early on, he was interested in pursuing his studies in an English speaking country. He arrived in Nairobi later in 2004, spending some months at a language center to learn English language so that he could apply for the CTIE programme. In January 2005,

he enrolled in CTIE completed his Bachelor Degree in Education in December 2008, majoring in English and CRE.

Over the next few years in Madagascar, he did what most De La Salle Brothers do, teaching! In addition to teaching English and CRE in two Lasallian schools, he also served as a Deputy Principal in one of the schools as well as the National Coordinator for Young Lasallians in Madagascar 2009-2011. Since July 2009, he has represented all Young Lasallians of Africa as a member of the International Council of Young Lasallians. Impressive!

Since 2011, he has served as Regional (all of Africa) Secretary under the Regional Councillor for the African continent. For this talented alumnus, the downside of this significant position has been that the demands of his office have provided him with very few opportunities to be in direct contact with young people. At the end his Regional service, he is looking forward to returning to Madagascar to serve in the Lasallian schools.

While in Abidjan in recent years, Brother Michel seized the opportunity to do a Masters’ Degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action. Upon writing the research to complete the program, he was very much interested in Children’s Right to Education and the Contribution of NGO’s in promoting this right. This motivated him to do his research on: “The Support of PROYDE to the promotion of Children’s Right to Education in Rural areas in Madagascar.”

He thanks Alma Mater: “Personally, I would say that CTIE has planted the seeds of love for education in me. CTIE did not only educate with passion for those entrusted to my care, but also to promote the right to quality education for those who are unprivileged and don’t have access to it. I do this through my own support in writing and following up many projects in my own District and other Lasallian Districts throughout Africa.”

As CTIE, we say, “may God bless your efforts on behalf of needy children and on behalf of Young Lasallians. You do CTIE very proud, dear graduate”.

Edited by Odongo Gilbert
CTIE editor

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