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  • CTIE never forget to motivate the students during different Institute's activities
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  • State of the Art Classrooms fitted with Interactive LCDs and other modern Learning Equipment
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CTIE ALUM: JOSEPH MUINDE MUEMA, Class of 2015 (in his own words)
Grad1I was in the class of 2011- 2015 in CTIE. This place is where a lot of changes in the way I viewed things became very positive. I have always been impressed by the interaction of the CTIE lecturers, with their one-on-one approach and also very open offices which a student is always welcomed with a smile in any office. The lecturers in lecture halls are like parents giving attention to all our needs. I have studied in other institutions, but never have I seen such services like at CTIE.
During my fourth year in the university, I worked with Daughters of Charity as a volunteer to teach the less fortunate in the society at St Justin de Jacobis. I had students from Kuwinda and Kibera. We also gave a second chance to those who are married and are willing to go back to school. Though challenging,

it was an eye opener to the problems people go through in order to acquire education. This gave me a chance to gain experience on dealing with students from different backgrounds.
MueFrom September I secured a chance to teach English Grammar and Literature and CRE at St Paul’s Minor Seminary, Nyeri. Here, I have been teaching the boys’ minds, touching their hearts and transforming their lives in class and in my open guidance and counseling office. I have learned to reach every student, even when correcting them, I correct with love. I have lived in this profession to be an example to my students and fellow teachers.
MuemaThe candle which I was given in November 2014 during my Teaching Practice inauguration ceremony is still burning with bright light. I have been able to lead the Nyeri Archdiocese Catholic Teachers as a committee member and also charged with the IT department and chief communications office of the Nyeri Catholic teacher’s welfare. I am also working as the welfare constitution amendment committee member. I attribute all these skills and molding which I received, to CTIE during my four years of study.
I received so much from CTIE, it’s now my duty to give back to the society, and that is why on Sunday 21st February 2016, I joined the rest of CTIE alumni at the Sacred Heart Brothers to touch a child’s heart by offering services and my talents with them. I am grateful to all the alumni who spared the date and attended that auspicious occasion.

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