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CTIE Mathematics and Science Symposium 2015

IMGBuckminster Fuller, who lived between 1895 and 1983, said that “Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand.” This statement is arguably true in the world so highly dominated by dynamic scientific and technological trends. Children today interact with technology long before they are born. Then, they are raised up

with the aid of the same science and technology whose use they learn faster than they learn to say “mama”.

Sadly, older folks think that the youth are managing the technology which they do not understand. As such, Parents, teachers, and other educators tend to prescribe science and technology to the youth while, clearly, the youth continue to resist any prescribed knowledge. This can be seen as the youth employ their innovative minds in using technological gadgets such as phones, tablets, and computers. Quite often, the youth tend to be beat their parents in issues of science and technology. If you doubt it, then you are probably too much behind in matters of technology to know how many innovations school children have accomplished all over the world including here in Kenya.

It is on this background, and in support of Scientific Innovations, that CTIE organized a high school Science and Mathematics Symposium themed “Science and Technology, the Future for Africa”. The Symposium which was held on 13th June 2015 attracted about 120 high school students from schools within and outside Nairobi.

During the Symposium, which was termed by the participating teachers and students as a learning and innovation platform, the participants demonstrated a high sense of creativity and innovativeness as they exposed their projects to their peers, judges, and everyone to see and learn. The best project was “The Pumping Muscle” from Our Lady of Mercy – South B and Kiserian Junior Seminary took the second position with their ingenious “Preservation of Dead Bodies” project.

The symposium, which CTIE has decided to hold every month of June, was not just about Science projects. The students also participated in aptitude tests in which St. Mary’s Hospital Mission School won in Mathematics as Our Lady of Mercy won in Chemistry and Physics. Sengani Girls High School won the Chemistry trophy. The overall winner was Our Lady of Mercy who, in total, carried three trophies out of the six that were up for grabs. Congratulations to Our Lady of Mercy girls for demonstrating your brilliance.

During this symposium, everyone emerged a winner, as everyone learned something. The participants also got a chance to tour the university especially the natural sciences and computer laboratories. The main aim of organizing this symposium was to motivate and encourage young minds to love mathematics and science subjects, a goal whose fruits we hope shall practically manifest in due time in the world of science and technology!

By Henry Mutugi Kamundi
CTIE Lecturer

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