Biblical Department.

Magnante, Antonio, I.M.C.

Head of Department

S.S.L. (Biblicum), S.T.D. (Urbaniana), Biblical Theology

Department Members

Cantore, Ottone, I.M.C. S.S.L. (Biblicum), Biblical Theology
Owczarek Christopher, S.D.B S.S.L. (Biblicum), S.T.D. (Gregoriana), Biblical Theology
Kazimierz, Socha, S.D.B. S.T.L. (Catholic University of Warsaw) Missiology, M.A. (University of Lublin, Poland) Theology
Thachuparamban, Johny, C.M.I. S.T.L., S.T.D. (KU Leuven), Biblical Theology
Thayil Joseph, Philip, V.C. S.T.L. (Gregoriana), S.T.D. (Gregoriana), Biblical Theology
Mueler, Gary, C.P. Nnamunga, Gerard Majella, C.S.Sp. S.S.L (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome) Sacred Scripture, Ph.D. (Pittsburgh, USA) Systematic Theology.
Szypula, Wojciech, S.V.D M.A., M.Div. (Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, USA) Theology; NT Specialization, S.T.D. (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome) Biblical Theology.