Academic Programs


The School of Theology of Tangaza College offers courses leading to the following awards:
  1. STB: Ecclesiastical Degree of Baccalaureate in Theology (Catholic University of Eastern Africa)

  2. BATh: Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Civil Degree) (Catholic University of Eastern Africa)
  3. Four-Year Diploma in Theology (Internal Diploma, valid for ordination)

Course Brief

The aims of these programs are:

  • To introduce the students to the systematic study of Catholic doctrine, according to the scientific method proper to theology.
  • To help the students deepen their own living faith so that they can share it more effectively with others in the building up of a true Christian community.
  • To provide the students with the knowledge necessary for effective reflection on the life situation and ever-changing pastoral needs of the local Church
It also offers the possibility of other academic programs for people interested in a good theological or philosophical formation:
  1. Two-Year Diploma in Theology
  2. One-Year Certificate in Theology
  3. One-year Certificate in Philosophy (for students without previous studies, who would like to proceed to do a Degree in theology).


Tangaza School of Theology offers two Masters Degrees through an affiliation with Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA:

  1. MATh: Master of Arts in Theology (Duquesne University)
  2. MPM: Master in Pastoral Ministry (Duquesne University)
The School of Theology is in the process of establishing an aggregation with Urbanian University in Rome, in view of a Second Cycle of ecclesiastical theological studies for a Licentiate in Sacred Theology. This program has the following goals: To initiate and train students in scientific methods of research and the appropriate use of theological sources. To prepare students to teach theology in Seminaries and/or undertake doctoral studies in theology. To help students to develop theological symbols for the process of incarnating the Christian message in the African context. To facilitate a sustained study and reflection on the mission and ministry of religious that is both deeply theological and effectively pastoral.

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